Funky Cool Halloween Wreath

Sunday, September 21, 2008

I decided I wanted one of those really cute funky feathered wreaths for Halloween last year, but really didn't want to pay the $30 for one. So I decided this year I was going to make one myself. While we were shopping last weekend I found these black and white boa's at the dollar store for $1.59 (I never understood why it's called the dollar store when hardly anything inside is actually JUST a dollar!) and decided I would grab a couple to make the wreath. Went to Michaels and got the styrofoam wreath and found the cute little Trick or Treat ornament on clearance while I was there. I had a bag of little plastic spiders from Halloween a few years ago... So I sat down and less then 10 minutes later...VIOLA! My very own Funky Cool Wreath for Halloween! Not too bad if I do say so myself... and total cost was less then $10!!


-Bridget said...

LOVE IT! Great job!

The Uytioco's said...

Can you make me one? ;0)