Homemade Holiday

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Over at the Nesters place she's always doing something wonderful and creative to promote all the hard work that women out there do! The latest and greatest is she's letting us that make things advertise on her blog to get the word out there to people. I heart Nester. I debated on whether or not I should link up for this one, but figured there must be some people out there that might want to check out my stuff... right? Who knows... maybe I'll even sell a few!!!

These are handmade barrette (bow bows as we call them) holders. They perfectly keep your little ones bow bows organized in one place! I can paint them to match your little ones bedroom theme, or in their favorite colors.



I also make bow bows. Each one is made with an alligator clip and has a no slip backing to make sure that your little ones bow bow stays in place! I do all sorts of different styles and can do custom orders for that special occasion or the upcoming holidays!




Thanks for taking a look! I hope you see something you like! If so leave me a comment.

Happy Holidays and Happy Homemade Shopping!


The Tulip Lady said...

Oh dear, you have cute stuff!! You must have some wonderful "inspiration" running around your house

Do it yourselfer said...

how adorable...now if...i could only get my girls to KEEP a bow in their hair. really cute stuff! be sure to check out my giveaway!